An Endless Sparkling Cascade

As we’re travelling the world, seeking out the best pieces to present as part of our collection we see a myriad of beautiful pieces. Still, every now and again we discover something that truly takes our breath away.

Diamond Necklace Front Closeup

From the second we laid eyes on it, we could see that this necklace was very special. First, there was the sheer volume of diamonds – approximately 12.18cts in total – a true statement of opulence and luxury even if one were only to appraise the raw materials.

On closer inspection we were impressed by the quality of the stones. Each diamond is Slightly Included (SI) meaning that any flaws are invisible to the naked eye. They are near colourless (H in the GIA grading scale for colour), which makes them the perfect choice for such a clean and crisp arrangement.

Of course, the real beauty of the piece lies in how it has been constructed, and the master jeweller responsible for this task has excelled. The articulated white gold setting showcases the shimmer of the diamonds whilst allowing the piece to contour perfectly to the proportions of the wearer.

The front gallery splits the single line of diamonds across the back into two, forming gentle curves that showcase the 18 stones selected as the focal point of the piece. Such a piece is never still, with an endless array of facets to catch even the most minute fluctuations in the light it shimmers constantly, and sparkles with every breath.

Such an extravagant piece is not for everyday wear, but for a wedding or other lavish affair it forms the perfect centrepiece for an entire look. When worn, this masterwork elevates any little black dress into the setting for an array of captive stars; each one your own.

Take a closer look here.

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