At Antique Jewellery Online we pride ourselves on selling only the highest quality pieces. To assure you that you are getting the very best we have partnered with the AnchorCert Gem Laboratory to provide full certification on all of our diamond rings over £2,000.


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We only offer the best quality of antique jewellery available, but working in the industry we know that there are unscrupulous dealers out there who may try to pass off inferior pieces as genuine antiques. With the rise of lab-grow diamonds, and various artificial treatments which can alter the qualities of gemstones, we know that it’s important to have independent verification that what you are buying is a genuine piece which has not been modified or otherwise changed.

AnchorCert are a trusted UK based gemstone laboratory who employ a highly skilled team of professional gemmologists and the latest in high-tech equipment to create a full assessment of the stones within your piece. They work with a great many jewellers across the UK to provide independent verification of stone quality.


Diamond Certification with Ring


The report includes information on the cut, clarity, carat weight and colour of the diamond, as well as a digital image of the stone itself. They can also identify any treatments that have been applied to the stone to increase its value.

Not only does this provide you with peace of mind as you can be assured that you have what you paid for, but having an independent certification adds to the value of your piece directly should you ever wish to part with it.

For any diamond ring over £2,000 we will arrange for a certificate free of charge


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You can find out more about AnchorCert and the work they do here.

If you have any questions our team are always happy to assist. Whether you need additional photos, a video of the piece in motion, or have any questions about the piece itself, we’re glad to provide any information you need.

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