An Epitome of Edwardian Opulence – Sapphire & Diamond in Perfect Unity

Close up sapphire diamond bracelet set in white gold

Royal Blue

The deep, rich colour of the sapphire has seen it rise to prominence amongst gemstones, often taking centre stage in the accoutrements of monarchy. Queen Victoria’s crown famously house the Stuart Sapphire at the front of its circlet, a setting later occupied by the Cullinan II diamond.

During the Edwardian era the association of the sapphire, as well as the diamond, with regal figures was very much front of mind for jewellers working with these stones. Pieces like this one strove to capture the beauty, majesty and wonder that were exemplified in the royal pieces, and in crafting this bracelet the artisan has succeeded in creating something fit for a queen.

Fine Craftsmanship

Special care and attention has been lavished on the settings of every stone. The subtle, four-point claw which holds each of the sapphires intrudes only minimally, and each old cut diamond is ringed by a cuff, allowing the refracted light to be guided inwards and illuminate from within.

The jeweller has chosen 18ct white gold as a worthy setting for such a collection of finery, and although the aesthetic merit of the piece was obviously the primary consideration, there are nods to practicality. The secure clasp and safety catch ensure that the bracelet remains on any wrist, royal or not.

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