The Symbolism of Rings

Rings are perhaps the most symbolic of all jewellery items. The simplicity of their basic shape – a circle – is a shape often depicted in nature. The Earth is circular, the seasons are cyclic, the moon and planets are spherical and so forth. With no beginning, middle or end, a ring is a sign of eternity, of everlasting love. It’s likely that for these reasons rings have, for thousands of years, been an enduring emblem of devotion worn for significance as well as  beauty.

Art Deco Emerald Diamond RingGiving rings as a gesture of romantic love is not new and tradition calls for engagement, wedding and eternity rings with diamond rings still being the mainstay choice.Diamonds never go out of fashion and have been referenced in history and art for more than a thousand years. Originally rings were set with diamonds in their natural form and it was only from the 14thcentury that shield and table cut diamonds were styled by gem cutters. Art Deco Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Diamond rings are timeless and classy. Their hard-wearing nature means they can be worn every day, year after year, and enjoyed as much by the wearer as the onlooker. Who has not admired their own hand when wearing a new ring for the first time? Or hoped others would notice too? Diamond Engagement RingsDiamonds can offset other stones which some people may like for added colour. Others enjoy the simplicity of choosing only a setting with white diamonds which have the ability to complement anyone, in any outfit, in any season, on any occasion. Their versatility is boundless and diamonds feature in all manner of designs, from the dramatic and flashy cocktail ring to the understated classical solitaire – and everything in between.

 Antique diamond rings hold their value and there is something quite poignant about owning and wearing one. Did you know that like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two diamonds are the same? Antique rings are each a little piece of the past and come with an untold story – almost like they have a secret personality.

Victorian Diamond Trilogy Ring 

There has been a rise in the demand for antique engagement rings in recent years. Perhaps this is owed to the increased popularity of vintage fashions, or to a heightened awareness of sustainability of our planet’s resources. There is something especially romantic about choosing a unique ring with its own story illustrative of a chapter of social history from an iconic bygone era.  

 Some people claim to sense energy around jewellery. To wear a ring that has had ‘a life’ before yours and that has previously been steeped in emotion by a previous owner or owners – given, received and worn in the name of love – can feel very profound. The same ring may be passed onto future generations or be bequeathed as an heirloom in the same family and this is again reflective of the symbol of the ring – bringing it ‘full circle’ to a new owner who will treasure it for a lifetime.