We are a family of jewellers dedicated to finding old treasures a new home.

Genuine and high quality antique jewellery is increasingly hard to source, and we specialise in identifying and bringing these rare pieces to you.

Our passion for unique, individual and distinctive antique jewellery drives us every day.  

We have been exhibiting distinctive jewellery for sale online and on EBay for many years now and have over 1500 feedbacks as Antique Jewellery Online

In 2012 we realised that there was an ever increasing demand for high quality, genuine and unusual antique jewellery.

Our new website www.antiquejewelleryonline.com was designed with a more modern feel and was the platform needed to introduce these high quality pieces.

We have an outstanding range of antique jewellery which is steeped in English History.

You will find unusual, exquisitely maintained pieces ranging from antique rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and suffragette pieces.