Prismatic Fire – The Incandescent Opal

Opal Diamond Platinum Ring - Side View

Opals are perhaps the most otherworldly of precious stones, and each one has its own unique character. The myriad of coloured sheens laced through each stone are as individual as fingerprints, with no two ever completely alike.

Whilst emeralds, rubies and even diamonds exhibit different colours from stone to stone the range is far more pronounced in opals, and the colours are much more varied. Tiny transparent silica spheres formed within the opal refract light into prismatic ribbons, which means that every colour of the rainbow can appear depending on the position of the eye.

The jeweller responsible for this particular ring has clearly understood that the central stone is the star of the show. Pains have been taken to ensure that the maximum amount of its surface is on display. The platinum gallery has been expertly crafted, but it intentionally sits in the background, allowing the play of coloured light from the centre to be viewed clearly at all angles.

Ten diamonds flank the central stone, each playing second fiddle to the magnificence at the ring’s heart, Together they add a clear, clean sparkle to the borders of the ring, the perfect complement to the ethereal fire dancing through the core.

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