A Ring Fit for a Princess

We encounter thousands of beautiful pieces every year, and we endeavour to select each on their own merits. All period jewellery possesses its own character, and many are extremely extravagant.

Art Deco Princess Cut Diamond and Platinum Ring

This ring, however, is not. The jeweller has shunned older style engraving work, instead leaving the platinum band smoothly finished. Similarly, there are no additional claws holding the central stone beyond the four needed to keep it in place. The fine metalwork is not the centrepiece of this ring, and the jeweller has wisely allowed it to form only the background for that magnificent diamond.

Technically the stone is a “square modified brilliant” cut, but this is most commonly know as the Princess cut, the second most popular diamond after the more prevalent and recognisable brilliant cut. One can easily see why it has earned such a regal name.

With simple, clean lines that dissolve into a cascade of prismatic facets on closer viewing, the princess stone is a softer, more subtle beauty than other cuts, and this understated brilliance is echoed through the entire piece

As the Art Deco movement brought the principles of mass production into almost every aspect of craftsmanship, it revealed what could be achieved with a more minimalist approach than that adopted by earlier jewellers. It can’t be denied that this piece is beautiful, and it is difficult to see how it could be improved with additional stones or a more complex gallery.

It is elegant, demure, almost modest in its arrangement, and yet is constructed from two of the most rare and valuable materials on the face of the earth.

Truly a ring fit for the finger of a princess.

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