Flowing French Curves – A Sapphire Heart with an Entourage of Diamonds

French diamond, sapphire bangle with white and rose gold

This early 20th century French bangle has been masterfully assembled to provide an ideal balance between a number of different elements. The jeweller has selected the stones with care, building the design around a 1.36ct sapphire, but also representing two different sizes of diamonds in the gallery. It is this variety laced into every other facet of the piece that makes it so remarkable.

The rose gold band forms a subtle mount for the more elaborate work at the piece’s front, but white gold has been chosen to back the diamonds. This allows them to shine all the brighter, forming two curved bands that wrap around the four larger diamonds and the central sapphire.

The strong curve of diamonds draws the eye inwards, where the white gold flares out into two curled organic galleries. These delicate structures are perfectly juxtaposed to soften the stronger line of the band itself.

All of these elements combine to make a piece that gives the impression of having been grown; the diamonds coaxed from fronds of white gold like blossoming crystalline flowers. Despite the number and quality of precious stones that make up the piece it has a muted presence, allowing the materials and craftsmanship to shine without allowing any one element to overpower the ensemble.

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