Antique Edwardian Suffragette Bangle 9ct Gold Dated 1914


This fabulous antique Edwardian Suffragette bangle is fully hallmarked and dated Chester 1914. It is adorned with a Golden face decorated with a line of Amethysts, Peridots and Pearls. 

Suffragettes liked to be depicted as feminine. Their jewellery was chosen to counter the stereotypes put forward by opponents that they were mannish or shrieking! Green is for give, white is for women and violet is for votes.

The piece is all 9ct Yellow Gold and fitted with a safety chain at the clasp for extra security when worn. 

Weighs: grams 4.7 grams

Will fit a 6.5 inch wrist.

The top gallery measures: 50mm across 9mm down

Excellent condition


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