The Black Opal – A Darker Fire

Black Opal Teardrop Close Up

All opals have a somewhat otherworldly character, shifting before the eye into an array of different colours that are so starkly different that the gem almost seems to be alive. This dancing interplay of light means that each stone has its own individual character that persists even if it is cut and mounted in an identical way to other pieces.

The black opal has a much more intense and persistent personality than its lighter brethren. Light does not penetrate as far into the stone. Instead, as it is captured and refracted by the rivulets of silica within, the colours layer upon one another. This build up of competing coloured layers gives the black opal a deeper, darker complexion.

With this piece the jeweller has demonstrated a thorough understanding of that magnificent teardrop’s tumultuous inner fire. The 0.3ct old cut diamond at the pinnacle of the piece has been given prominence, the rose cut wings descend towards it, and flow from beneath, drawing the eye downwards.

Despite the diamonds’ unmistakeable brilliance they have been deliberately crafted into a supporting role. The white gold settings accentuate their sparkling presence, and the more regimented refraction of the clear stones provides the perfect counterpoint to the mercurial colours below.

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