Four Fancy Cut Rubies Augmented by Diamonds

The word “Ruby” has only recently been accurately applied to true rubies. In ages past the label, which simply describes the red colour of the stone, was applied to garnet, spinel and other red-coloured gemstones. It was only with the advent of chemistry that stones could be tested and true rubies identified.

Rubies and sapphires are chemically similar, their different colourations are formed by the presence of different impurities in the base mineral, corundum. Whilst sapphires vary in colour from blue to purple to pink, red corundum gemstones are always known as rubies.

Ruby Diamond Earrings

In these unique earrings the jeweller has chosen a fancy cut for the rubies, allowing their pale pink colouration to form the heart of the piece. The smaller rubies nestle above the pins which hold the earrings in place, whilst the jointed diamond sections draw the eye downwards to their larger companions.

As was common in the 1960s the larger stones have been augmented with more elaborate galleries of diamonds. These surround and draw attention towards the main stones, catching the eye with their many facets and allowing the subtler ruby to draw the beholder’s attention deeper.

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