Vintage Scottish Agate Bracelet 15ct Gold Circa 1960


An extraordinary mid 20th century Scottish bracelet boasting seven magnificent agates cut and polished into smooth domes. There are a wonderful range on show and each display beautiful earthy colours, swirling patterns, striped bands, and twisted veins which are all natural and unique to each stone.

Three of the stones are a variety known as moss agate and are distinctive for their deep, green veins embedded under the stones clear surface which resemble a natural green moss.

Each stone is set in a 15ct gold frame and leads to a concealed box clasp that holds it securely around the wrist. It’s a remarkable find and the stones are fascinating to look at up close. 

WEIGHT: 45.4 grams 

MEASURES: Length 7.5 inches x Width 29mm x Depth 6-8mm (approx.) 

METAL: 15ct Gold (Tested) 

STONES: Agates (approx. 22mm x 25mm each) 

AGE: Circa 1960 

CONDITION: One stone has a small indent but otherwise the piece is in excellent condition. 


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