Dragonfly Pendant Necklace Ruby Diamond Sapphire Aquamarine


This wonderful dragonfly pendant necklace is adorned with breathtaking pink Rubies down the tail, a clear blue Aquamarine in the centre and wings decorated in blue Sapphires and sparkling Diamonds from the 1900's

Each of the six Rubies has a lovely rich, pink hue and is 0.60ct each - 3.60ct in total

The pendant is set in 18ct Yellow Gold and fitted to an older 9ct Gold chain complete with original barrel clasp

A great talking piece that makes a colourful addition to any outfit 

Weighs 20.1 grams

Measures 18 inches in length

Pendant measures 78mm across  x 54mm down

We recommend you insure this for £8500, we can supply a valuation on completion of the sale.

Excellent condition all round.


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