Citrine Amethyst Aquamarine Cluster Cocktail Ring Sterling Silver


This flamboyant cocktail ring is adorned with the most breathtaking natural gemstones. The enormous face is decorated with a large 10ct (approx.) Citrine in the centre, haloed by a rainbow of Amethysts, Aquamarines and Citrines in various cuts and sizes.

The gallery is all Sterling Silver with a fabulous open-work under gallery with beautiful, scrolling metalwork. It's an extravagant statement piece and boasts a wonderful combination of gemstones that contrast and complement each other beautifully.

Weighs: 21 grams

Measures: P in the UK or 7 ¾ USA - Can be sized, we offer this service for free, it takes approximately one week.

Face Measures: 30mm across x 38mm down x 12mm depth

Citrine measures: 13mm across x 20mm down

Excellent condition


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