Antique Victorian Sterling Silver Flintlock Musket Brooch Circa 1880


This beautiful Antique Victorian Sterling Silver brooch is an intricate depiction of a muzzle loading flintlock musket. The level of detail is extraordinary, with everything from the lock plate to the trigger mechanism faithfully recreated.

These weapons were used in the mid 19th century and formed the mainstay of many armed forces between the years of 1660 and 1840. 

In contrast to the mass-produced weaponry of the later Victorian period, muskets were handmade, and often featured intricate metalwork overlaid on smooth wooden frames. The jeweller who created this piece clearly intended to pay homage to the weaponsmithing of previous eras. 

The percussion lock is mounted on a rivet to allow it to move back and forth as it would in the full-sized weapon. The stock is engraved with elaborate engravings which add a touch of decorative charm to the piece.

This is a unique historic brooch representing a tribute to the militarism of the pre-Victorian era, realised with the skills of Victorian craftsmen.

WEIGHT: 7.2 grams 

MEASURES: Length 87mm x Height 16mm x Depth 6mm

METAL: Sterling Silver 

AGE: Victorian, Circa 1880 

CONDITION: Good, some minor wear along the top of the barrel 


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