Antique Victorian Garland Necklace Paste Stone Flowers Silver Circa 1880


A beautiful antique Victorian garland necklace showcasing a line of nine glistening droppers in a lovely cascading design. The droppers depict lines of Forget me nots which are known to represent love and remembrance. Each is decorated with an array of white Paste Stones that simulate the beautiful sparkle of Diamonds.

The piece is all Silver including the chain which has previously been shortened and includes the extra section of chain attached at the clasp. It's a stunning antique find and perfect for a wedding or special occasion.

WEIGHT: 19 grams

CHAIN MEASURES: 17 inches in length

DROP LENGTH: 44mm down from the longest dropper

METAL: Silver

STONES: Paste 

AGE: Victorian, Circa 1880

CONDITION: Excellent


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