Antique Victorian Etruscan Revival Pearl Locket 18ct Gold


An exquisite antique Victorian Etruscan revival locket from the late 19th Century (Circa 1880) featuring a raised dome in the centre layered in a sky-blue enamel and inlaid with an eight-pointed star set with natural pearls.  

Etruscan revival pieces were crafted in the mid 1800s when ancient Etruscan jewellery was unearthed in tombs outside of Rome beginning a fascination with the style and giving birth to these beautiful pieces which were crafted in the same decorative fashion.  

The piece is crafted entirely in 18ct gold and displays intricate cannetille metalwork, with loops, beading and rope borders. It’s remained in pristine condition and is fitted with a large locket on the reverse complete with rim, window and a small photograph belonging to a previous owner. 

WEIGHT: 16.8 grams 

MEASURES: Height 41mm (53mm inc. bale) x Width 35mm x Depth 15mm – Locket Height 33mm x Width 27mm 

METAL: 18ct Gold (Tested) 

STONES: Pearls 

AGE: Victorian. (Circa 1870 – 1880) 

CONDITION: Excellent 


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