Antique Victorian Bristol Blue Paste Pearl Brooch Silver Circa 1900


A fabulous Antique late Victorian brooch featuring a large Bristol blue Paste in the centre haloed by a frame of Baroque Pearls and smaller blue Pastes. 

Paste is a transparent flint glass that is cut to simulate the beauty of gemstones. Blue Pastes have the alluring qualities of Sapphires and take expert craftsmanship to capture their beauty.

The brooch is all solid Silver and fitted with a pin and safety catch on the reverse. It is a striking piece and beautifully preserved.

WEIGHT: 29.5 grams 

MEASURES: Width 61mm x Height 55mm x Depth 8mm

METAL: Silver 

STONES: Paste/ Baroque Pearl

AGE: Victorian. Circa 1900

CONDITION: Excellent 


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