Antique Victorian Bangle 15ct Gold With Turquoise Pencil Charm


A wonderful antique Victorian bangle from the late 19th Century modelled in shining 15ct gold. It’s held by a box clasp at the side and features a long safety chain adorned with a gold cylinder charm topped with blue turquoise. 

The charm is not just decorative and can be pulled apart to reveal a small pencil hiding within complete with a graphite tip. It has a clever, expandable design so that it can fit snuggly within the case and extend on removal, making it long enough to write with. It was likely added for use at work or to aid with other daily tasks. 

Turquoise is the birthstone of December and considered a stone of luck and good fortune. It has been beloved throughout history for its opacity and calming blue/ green hues that reflect the sky and ocean, bringing about clarity, calm and happiness to those who possess it.   

The bangle has remained in excellent condition and the gold has developed a lovely smoothness and patina over time. It’s an unusual and highly unique piece accompanied by a handy little pencil to take wherever you go. 

We recommend you insure for £2,500. We can provide a written Valuation on completion of the sale. 

WEIGHT: 19.5 grams 

MEASURES: Circumference 6.5 inches x Width 6mm x Depth 2.5mm – Charm Height 29mm x Width 7mm - Pencil Length 35mm when extended x Width 7mm 

METAL: 15ct Gold (Tested) 

STONES: Turquoise

AGE: Victorian. (Circa 1880) 

MARKS: 15ct stamp 

CONDITION: Excellent


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