Antique Scottish Agate Padlock Bracelet Silver Circa 1860


A wonderful Antique mid Victorian Scottish bracelet made up of lovely barrel Agate links set with engraved Silver tips. Each Agate is unique and boasts various earthy colours and patterned layers which are naturally formed, earning it the appropriate nickname ‘The Earth Rainbow’.

Scottish jewellery grew in popularity in the mid- 1800s as Queen Victoria’s frequent trips to her Scottish Castle Balmoral saw her return with Scottish souvenirs and jewellery which influenced the trend in Britain.

The bracelet is held together by a pretty padlock set with a striped Agate on top and engraved with a flower on the back. It’s in excellent condition and has been beautifully preserved throughout the years.   

WEIGHT: 32.45 grams 

MEASURES: Length 7 inches, Width 10mm, Depth 10mm 

METAL: Silver

STONES: Agates

AGE: Victorian. (Circa 1860 – 1880)

CONDITION: Excellent


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