Antique Georgian Twist Chain Pinchbeck 18ct Gold


A grand antique Georgian chain beautifully preserved from the early 19th Century. The multiple links are intertwined and twist beautifully to create one thick, spiralling strand that articulates smoothly and jingles musically with movement.  

Each link is fashioned in pinchbeck and has been gilded in a bright 18ct yellow gold with patterned stripes and golden spheres giving it a lovely, bumpy texture.

It measures an impressive 31.2 inches in length and is held securely by a large barrel clasp at the end decorated in the same ornate, fashion. 

WEIGHT: 50.7 grams 

MEASURES: Length 31.2 inches x Width 7mm 

METAL: Pinchbeck/ 18ct Gold gilt 

AGE: Georgian. (Circa 1800 – 1830) 

CONDITION: Excellent 


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