Antique Georgian Memento Mori Skull Ring Inscribed 1763 And 1767


This remarkable antique Georgian Memento Mori ring has been beautifully preserved from the late 1700s. The focal point is an eery skull in the centre, overlaid with a clear rock crystal window with a faceted border. 

Such macabre imagery was common in Memento Mori jewellery, which literally translates as “Remember you will die”. The pieces were commonly decorated with skulls, crossbones, and coffins but the morbid themes were not a celebration of death, rather a reminder to live your life well and cherish each waking day. 

The band is all 18ct gold with contrasting black enamel painted around the outside of the band along with a loving mourning inscription that reads: “R.G. OB. 10. FEB. 1767.” A second inscription has also been etched within the band and reads: “A.G. OB. 25. JULY. 1763”. Both will be the dates of a significant loved one’s death and written as a reminder so that they are never forgotten. 

This is a one in a million find, extremely rare and in impeccable condition for its age. It was clearly very loved by its original owner and deserves to be treasured once more. 

WEIGHT: 3.5 grams 

MEASURES: Size O (UK), 7 ¼ (US) - Can be sized, we offer this service for free, it takes approx. 1-2 weeks to complete. 

FACE MEASURES: Height 7mm x Width 8mm x Depth 4mm 

METAL: 18ct Gold (Tested)

STONES: Rock Crystal (approx. 7 x 8mm) 

AGE: Georgian. (Inscribed 1763 - 1767) 

MARKS: Maker’s mark (R.A.), Inscription – “A.G. OB. 25. JULY. 1763” 

CONDITION: Excellent


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