Antique Georgian Lovers Eye Miniature Snake Brooch 18ct Gold


A fascinating antique Georgian Lover’s eye brooch from the early 19th Century featuring a detailed lover’s eye miniature preserved behind a glass window.

Eye miniatures or “Lovers’ eyes” were popular during the 18th and 19th Centuries and depict a miniature portrait of a single eye, belonging to a loved one or spouse. Only the eye was painted so that their identity remained a secret except to the person they loved.

It’s finely detailed and shows a single tear coming from the eye suggesting this may have been a mourning brooch made in commemoration of a deceased loved one. 

The portrait is framed by a coiled snake with silver eyes. It’s modelled in solid 18ct gold and has developed a lovely, rosy patina with age. It’s detailed with scales and encircles the portrait to symbolise eternal love. 

It’s an extremely rare and highly collectable piece of history and has remained in pristine condition. 

WEIGHT: 5.1 grams

MEASURES: Height 24mm x Width 27mm x Depth 5mm 

METAL: 18ct Gold (Tested) 

AGE: Georgian. (Circa 1800 – 1830) 

CONDITION: Excellent 


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