Antique Georgian Halleys Comet Paste Mourning Brooch 18ct Gold Silver


A whimsical little antique Georgian brooch from the early 1800s depicting Halley’s comet. The silver teardrop shaped comet is set with glistening old cut pastes to represent its bright glow and sits upon an 18ct gold base with two engraved scrolls stretching out at the back to depict its flames. 

Celestial jewellery became increasingly sought after in the 19th Century as people began to look up at the stars and heavens once more with renewed fascination. Halley’s comet was particularly special, first sighted in 1835 swooping across the sky with a long tail of fire trailing behind. It was a magical event that captured the imagination of jewellers across the nation who created these wonderful pieces to commemorate the once in a lifetime sighting. 

It’s a rare and highly collectable antique find and complete with a small glass window at the end with plaited brown hair behind, possibly kept as a cherished memento of a deceased loved one who passed during the same year. 

WEIGHT: 4.3 grams 

MEASURES: Height 30mm x Width 14mm x Depth 5mm 

METAL: Silver/ 18ct Gold (Tested) 

STONES: Paste 

AGE: Georgian. (Circa 1835) 

CONDITION: Excellent 


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