Antique Georgian Garnet Collar Cross Pendant 18ct Gold Circa 1770


We as jewellers have never seen anything as special as this, an incredible Georgian collar and cross set in 18ct Gold, Circa 1770


The piece is decorated in natural flat cut Garnets which are a lovely deep claret red, all foiled back and set in solid 18ct Yellow Gold


Each of the Garnets are between 1 and 2 carats in size most are 1.50ct. The clasp is a 1.60ct table cut Garnet


One stone on the cross has a hair line fault in it but one has to be a little forgiving as this is minimal wear for its age, the rest are in fabulous condition


A rare Georgian find that would look spectacular for a wedding or special occasion


Weighs 48 grams


Measures 16 inches around the neck


Cross measures 56mm across x 57mm down


Each link measures 17mm across x 18mm down


We recommend you insure this for £8000, We can provide a written Valuation on completion of the sale


Excellent all round condition



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