Antique Georgian Coloured Sepia Mourning Ring Inscribed 1790


A beautifully preserved antique Georgian mourning ring from the late 18th Century featuring a navette shaped face with a finely detailed sepia painting displayed behind a glass window. 

Sepia paintings were often worn as a souvenir to remember a loved one and usually depicted a sorrowful image painted in sepia colours. This one has been colour painted and depicts a mourning woman standing beside a large gravestone.  

The ring was most likely commissioned after the death of a beloved daughter or sister and has the inscription: “Ann Smith – ob. 10. Nov. 1790 – at 17” on the back. Her initials “A.S.” can also be seen painted on the front of the grave with a second set of initials “H.W.” underneath which may have belonged to another deceased family member and implies they have been reunited.    

The painting is held in a rosy 18ct gold frame with engraved shoulders and a closed back. It was clearly very dear to its original owner and deserves to be treasured once more.  

We recommend you insure for £2,700. We can provide a written Valuation on completion of the sale. 

WEIGHT: 5.2 grams 

MEASURES: Size N (UK), 7 (US) - Can be sized, we offer this service for free, it takes approx. 1-2 weeks to complete. 

FACE MEASURES: Height 29mm x Width 18mm x Depth 3mm 

METAL: 18ct Gold (Tested) 

AGE: Georgian (Circa 1790) 

Marks: Inscription - “Ann Smith – ob. 10. Nov. 1790 – at 17” 

CONDITION: Excellent 


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