This historic medal was awarded by the WSPU (Women’s Social and Political Union) to Nellie Godfrey, a renowned Suffragette during the early 20th Century. The medal is woven with stripes of violet, green and white which were the colours of the WSPU and symbolised; Violet for Loyalty, White for Purity and Green for Hope, or Give Women Votes! 

Nellie was notoriously imprisoned after throwing a makeshift projectile at Winston Churchill’s car who was president of the board of trade at the time. It was wrapped in paper which read: “Thrown by a woman of England as a protest against the Government’s treatment of political prisoners.” She spent 7 days in prison before been released on medical grounds after taking part in a hunger strike.

A Sterling Silver dropper hangs from the bottom of the medal and is inscribed with the words “Hunger Strike” with the recipient’s name inscribed on the reverse. The suspension bar is dated December 7th. 1909, and the top bar is marked “For Valour”.

The medal is complete with its original box with a Silk inscription which reads: ‘Presented to Nellie Godfrey. By the Women’s Social & Political Union in recognition of a gallant action, whereby through endurance to the last extremity of hunger and hardship a great principle of political justice was vindicated’.

We have spent many years searching for authentic antique suffragette pieces and this is the most significant piece we have ever acquired. A piece of history, preserving the memory of the sacrifices made by women of the movement that eventually led to greater equality for women in Great Britain. 

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WEIGHT: 13.9 grams 

MEASURES: Height 51mm (78mm inc. dropper) x Width 38mm x Depth 4mm – Dropper measures 22mm x 22mm

METAL: Sterling Silver (Stamped)

AGE: Edwardian. (Dated 1909)

MARKS: Birmingham hallmarks, Sterling lion mark, Maker’s initials (J&M)


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