Antique Edwardian Paste Bow Brooch Silver Circa 1905 Boxed


A spectacular Antique Edwardian bow brooch modelled in solid Silver and decorated with an array of sparkling white Paste Stones, the largest of which are impressive 1.75ct stones lined up along the centre.  

Paste is a transparent flint glass that simulates the fire and brilliance of gemstones. White Pastes sparkle just like Diamonds and take expert craftsmanship to capture their beauty. 

The stones are set in a wonderful floral gallery which is distinctively Edwardian in design, displaying stunning metalwork and a solid pin and trombone clasp.  

It is an impressive piece with a lovely weight to it. It is complete with its original box with purple velvet interior, displaying the makers mark of ‘G. Kenning & Son’. 

WEIGHT: 55.5 grams

MEASURES: Width 100mm x Height 39mm x Depth 6mm 

METAL: Silver

STONES: Paste Stones

AGE: Edwardian, Circa 1905

ORIGIN: London, United Kingdom

CONDITION: Excellent 


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