Antique Art Nouveau Suffragette Garland Necklace Diamond Pearl Amethyst Peridot Silver Circa 1915


A gorgeous Antique Suffragette garland necklace from the early 20th Century fashioned in Silver and decorated with an array of cabochon Peridots and Amethysts as well as Pearls and twinkling Rose cut Diamonds (approx. 1ct total).  

Together the colours of each stone pay tribute to the women’s Suffragette movement which took place in the early 20th century and popularly consisted of Violet, Green and White stones which symbolised; Violet for Loyalty, White for Purity and Green for Hope, or Give Women Votes!

The necklace features fabulous foliate motifs throughout with an elaborate Art Nouveau inspired design to the central gallery which is fitted with a wonderful dropper set with a Baroque Pearl at the very end.

It’s truly magnificent and highly sought after piece to treasure with outstanding workmanship shown throughout.

WEIGHT: 25.95 grams 

LENGTH: 17.4 inches 

MEASURES: Central gallery measures - Height 58mm x Width 32mm x Depth 5mm 

METAL: Silver 

STONES: Amethyst (approx. 2.35ct), Peridot (approx. 3.2ct total), Diamond (approx. 1ct total), Pearls

AGE: Early 20th Century (Circa 1910 – 1920) 

CONDITION: Excellent


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