Antique Edwardian French Bee Brooch Diamond Garnet Ruby


This dazzling antique bee brooch was made in France in the early 20th Century and features a large almandine garnet in the centre (approx. 1.60ct), diamond encrusted wings and abdomen (approx. 1ct total) and pink ruby eyes.

Insect jewellery grew in popularity at the turn of the 20th Century due to a renewed love of the natural world following the vast urbanisation of the country and were often decorated with colourful gemstones to enhance their beauty and value.   

The front is fashioned in platinum and detailed with milgrain. The back, legs and head are all 18ct yellow gold along with the pin which is fitted with a secure trombone clasp. It’s very pretty and boasts a gorgeous collection of gemstones.

We recommend you insure for £1,700. We can provide a written Valuation on completion of the sale. 

WEIGHT: 5.2 grams 

MEASURES: Height 23mm x Width 31mm x Depth 7mm

METAL: Platinum/ 18ct Gold (Tested) 

STONES: Almandine Garnet (6.5 x 6.5mm, approx. 1,60ct), Diamonds (approx. 1ct total), Rubies (approx. 0.10ct total) 

AGE: Edwardian. (Circa 1901 – 1915) 

CONDITION: Excellent


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