Antique Queen Anne Paste Portrait Brooch Pendant Silver Circa 1710 Boxed


A rare Antique Queen Anne pendant/ brooch from the early 1700s decorated with an array of colourful old cut Paste stones dotted across an open worked Silver gallery with scrolling foliate metalwork.

A double-sided locket is held in the centre with a portrait of Queen Anne behind. It’s been hand painted by a true master of the art and kept in pristine condition behind a thick glass window. 

During the reign of Queen Anne from 1702 until 1714 the country went through some historic changes with the creation of the United Kingdom and foundations laid for the 18th century’s Golden Age. This historic period is reflected in these stunning pieces of jewellery which boast the beauty and style of the time. 

The piece is fitted with a loop and a newer pin with locking clasp at the back so it can be worn as a pendant or a brooch. 

It’s very rare to find such splendid Queen Anne jewellery and this one is even accompanied by its original red leatherette box with golden floral imagery on top. Both are in excellent condition and steeped in the history of the era.  

We recommend you insure for £5,995. We can provide a written Valuation on completion of the sale.

WEIGHT: 13.8 grams

MEASURES: Height 58mm x Width 34mm x Depth 6mm – Locket measures 20mm x 26mm 

METAL: Silver


AGE: Early 18th Century (Circa 1700 – 1710) 

CONDITION: Excellent 


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