Antique Sapphire Engagement Rings

Although diamonds are consistently popular in engagement rings there are an array of different gemstones which can be just as beautiful. It all comes down to the taste of your potential fiancée, as everyone has a preference, but if you are looking for different options the sapphire certainly provides the greatest range.


Most sapphires are blue, and these are the easiest to recognise, but there are also a wide range of other colours available. When a sapphire is not blue it is known as a “fancy” sapphire, and these come in almost every colour imaginable.

Yellow sapphires are a bright golden colour with an intense sparkle, evoking the beauty of the summer sun. They suit those with a warm disposition, and pair naturally with diamonds. Pink sapphires are also extremely popular, with a hot pink tone that is one of the brightest of all gemstones.


All sapphires are varieties of the mineral corundum, the same mineral that gives us the ruby. They are extremely durable, almost as tough as diamonds, which makes them ideally suited for engagement rings which may be worn consistently over long periods of time. They are extremely resistant to chipping and do not lose their lustre. It is for this reason that many antique sapphire diamond rings have survived into the present day.


Sapphire rings are rarely solitaires, although these do exist. Most often a single, prominent sapphire will be surrounded by a halo of diamonds. The diamonds’ scintillation means that light is refracted at multiple angles through their many facets, causing the sapphire within to sparkle with a greater intensity.


Often a central sapphire will be given two larger diamonds to either side which allows the central stone to be shaped into a teardrop, oval or other less conventional cut. These trilogy rings are perfect for engagement rings as representations of past, present and future.


Those who are looking for a less ostentatious design may opt for a sapphire eternity ring, which has smaller identical stones arranged around the entire ring. These may be all sapphire or interspersed with diamonds, and are well suited for those with a more active lifestyle as the settings are unlikely to catch on clothing.


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