CZ Tanzanite Trilogy Ring Paste Silver


A beautiful trilogy ring set with a deep blue, 3.20ct approx. Cubic Zirconia that simulates a large Tanzanite. It is accompanied by two 0.50ct white Paste stones at either side which complement the deep blue beautifully. 

Paste is a transparent flint glass that simulates the fire and brilliance of gemstones. White Pastes sparkle just like Diamonds and take expert craftsmanship to capture their beauty. 

The ring is fashioned in Silver and is made in the Victorian style. It is very striking and is sure to catch the eye. 

WEIGHS: 4 grams

MEASURES: P ½ in the UK or 8 USA, Can be sized, we offer this service for free, it takes approximately one week. 

STONES MEASURE: Cubic Zirconia - 7mm across x 10mm down/ Paste - 5mm across x 5mm down

SPREAD: 18mm across

STANDS: 7mm off the finger

Excellent condition


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