Antique Victorian Gold Family Locket Circa 1900


This fabulous 9ct Gold antique Family locket is Victorian, Circa 1900

The piece is beautifully engraved on the back and front with initals - NV- in the centre

Around the outside of the locket is an inscribed quote which says - “For this bounty, there was no winter in it”

The locket opens up at the front and back with a swivel section in the middle which allows four photographs to be inserted

Two more inscribed messages can be seen on the inside too, one a quote by Mac Vennis and the other a loving message to the owners mother. These were added at a later date

The inside of the locket rims are patent gold, the rest has been tested as solid 9ct gold

A lovely sentimental piece that's steeped in family history from years long passed 

Weighs 10.1 grams 

Measures 25mm across x 34mm down

Excellent condition


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